The band was founded in December 2004 by drummer A. Kose and guitarist B. Rodigas, with the aim to make metal without stilistic frontiers. Short time later bassplayer T. Schwarz, guitarist S. Grollmisch and lead singer S. Schaffert joined the band. In the beginning some coversongs from Death, At the gates and Amon Amarth were played, but soon they realized that there was enough potential to make their own songs. So the band wrote 6 songs within a half year, which you can describe as melodic-progressive Death Metal. According to that, acoustic guitars, melodic solos and clean vocal passages give a very varied contrast to the sound of Dawn of Perception. In the middle of 2005 the band began to record a demo, entitled: fragments. It was completed in December and contains 5 songs. It took a short time to be sold out. 2006/2007 D.O.P. played some concerts, among others the Nightmare Before Summer and the Way Of Darkness - Festival and of course diverse shows in local clubs around Thuringia and Bavaria. No we write the year 2008 and our second EP is now released. The new material is definitly harder and more technical, however it featured the typical DOP-trademarks.