2. WINGS UNLEASHED Music: Rodigas Lyrics: Schaffert
3. REQUIEM Music: Rodigas Lyrics: Schaffert
4. MY GHOST OF DESOLATION Music: Rodigas Lyrics: Schaffert
5. CAST IN AGONY Music: Rodigas Lyrics: Schaffert
6. HALO OF NAILS Music: Rodigas Lyrics:Schaffert/Rodigas

Recorded from aug - dec 2007
Mixed dec/jan 2008 by Andre Hoffmann
@ Forte Fortissimo Studio (Coburg/Ger)

Mastered jan 2008 by Jacob Hansen (Denmark)

Frontcover: Federrico Bebber (Italy)
Layout: Schwarz, Rodigas

all rights reserved

The Perishing Silence
1. AWAKEN Music:Rodigas
2. FINAL PRAYER Music: Rodigas Lyrics: Schaffert
3. STORM INSIDE THE HOURGLASS Music: Rodigas Lyrics: Rodigas
4. FALL Music: Rodigas, Grollmisch Lyrics: Schaffert
5. HIDDEN EMOTIONS Music: Rodigas, Grollmisch Lyrics: Schaffert
6. UNVEILED MASQUERADE Music: Grollmisch Lyrics: Grollmisch

Recorded from june - sept. 2005
Mixed and Mastered oct/nov 2005 by T. Schwarz
Frontcover: B. Rodigas
Backcover: T.Schwarz

Music: Rodigas, Grollmisch, Kose, Schwarz
Lyrics: Schaffert, Rodigas, Grollmisch

All clean vocals: T. Schwarz and S. Grollmisch
Accousticguitar: B. Rodigas

all rights reserved

Thanks go to Conny for spending the drum-micros, to Blacky for the Recording-Equipment, to R. Schubert for Intro "Storm", to Matze for equipment, to Uwe
for spending his Amp, to T. Rittweger for CD-Printing, to Printservice Mueller.